3 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste When Travelling

Convenience is key when travelling. Unfortunately, that can sometimes make us reach for options that aren’t the most environmentally friendly, especially in terms of single-use plastic. Take a look at the below tips of ways to hitting the road as plastic-free as possible!

  1. Bring a bottle – Staying hydrated is so important, especially when holidaying in sunny Queensland. Make sure you bring plenty of your own refillable bottles and carriers to avoid having to buy water at every stop you make.
  2. Be snack wise – Snacks and road trips go hand in hand, as well as snacks and camping! Try to be mindful when shopping for your favourite goodies and avoid ‘convenient’ individually packed snacks. Even better, make your own treats to bring or visit a local market on your way here for some fresh produce!
  3. Make clean-ups fun – You might be super conscious, while others aren’t. Make a point out of taking a bag with you on hikes and walks to pick up potential trash left by others. If you have kids, make a game out of it! Most trash collected by the end of the walk wins a price.

We hope these tips will help you enjoy a slightly greener stay on your next getaway! See you soon...